Indoor smallbore target shooting

"Indoor smallbore target shooting is a sport enjoyed by male and female, young and old, able bodied, people with disabilities, in fact people from all walks of life."

Indoor shooting is shot at a distance of 20 or 25 yards, using .22 ammunition at cardboard targets.

The rifles used are .22 calibre and shoot one shot at a time.  Sporting rifles using magazines are not permitted at the range.

Indoor shooting is done from the prone position, which means the shooter is lying down on their front.  

The season runs between 1 March and 30 September.

Members can shoot at a social, club, association, representative, championship, national and international level.


Safety: Safety is paramount. 

Inexperienced and all Shooters new to the Royal Tiger Range must complete a Range Introduction and Safety briefing.  Your Coach will guide you through this briefing and accompany you on the firing point while shooting. Covering the basics of target shooting which covers:

  • loading and aiming
  • the use of the trigger
  • and what to expect when the shot is fired.

Age: Children under 16 years and big enough to hold a rifle are very welcome, but must be accompanied by a guardian. Age is not a barrier as we have members from high school right through to those well past retirement age. 

Coaching: New members are allocated a coach, generally a senior member of the club. Coaching is available at all levels.

Equipment: The rifles used are .22 calibre single shot target rifles.  Sporting rifles using magazines are not permitted.  All clubs have rifles, jackets and other equipment for members to use.


  • ‘Have-a-go’ sessions cost approx. $20 - $30 each.
  • Membership is approx. $230 per year for adults.
  • Juniors and first year members pay reduced fees approx. $180
  • Nightly range fees are approx. $5.00 - $10.
  • Ammunition is approx. $10 - $20 for a box depending on quality. 
  • Costs vary from club to club.

Extra points to please note

Booking to attend is essential at all clubs

You will need photo ID and to sign the visitors book

Children under 16 years are very welcome, but must be accompanied by a guardian

Wear comfortable clothing, that provides full coverage of the upper torso and upper arms. Preferably long trousers, but shorts are acceptable. Closed-in shoes, no jandles or bare feet. 

No previous experience is needed

Firearms licence is not necessary

Where: Royal Tiger Range, 131 Russell Terrace, Berhampore  


Contact details of Wellington Clubs available here