Outdoor Smallbore Target Shooting

Outdoor target shooting involves the use of single shot rifles, firing .22 rimfire ammunition at a cardboard target at a distance of 50metres.

OThere are two disciplines for shooting outdoors:-

  • 50 meter prone
  • Three positions (3P)

50 meter prone

Matches involve firing 60 shots, over a period of 1 hour.

Outdoor shooters can take part at club level by shooting once a week. Or they shoot competitively by shooting championships matches, designated matches, the Nationals, Oceania and the Commonwealth Games.

Three positions (3P)

The 3P event involves shooting from three distinct positions, which are - standing, kneeling and prone. 

3P is a Commonwealth and Olympic Games sport.

The Outdoor Season runs between 1 October and 30 March.

For information on Outdoor Shooting visit  Maidstone Outdoor Shooting